How much does a SMOG check cost?

Prices are based on year, model and time it takes to test the vehicle. Please call 707-544-7664 for a quote and current promotions.

Do I need an appointment?

To best serve you and minimize wait time an appointment is recommended. We do welcome same day appointments and do our best to accommodate drop-in customers in a timely manner.

How long does a SMOG check take?

Most vehicles take about 30 minutes to test. Please keep in mind we are a busy shop; making an appointment is highly recommended.


TIP #1

Regular maintenance will ensure you are getting the best fuel mileage and lowest emissions from your vehicle. A+ SMOG suggests following your vehicle manufacturer suggested intervals fir oil changes and tune ups.

TIP #2

If your "CHECK ENGINE" light is on, this is an indication that your vehicles emission control system needs to be repaired. Driving with the "CHECK ENGINE" light on can cause extensive damage to your vehicle. Often, these repairs are simple and inexpensive, so A+ SMOG recommends getting the problem diagnosed promptly.

TIP #3

Check your tire pressure regularly and adjust as necessary. Low tire pressure can cause premature tire wear, decreased fuel mileage, and increased tail pipe emissions. Most vehicles have a label in the driver's door jamb for recommended tire pressure. A+ SMOG suggests checking and adjusting your tire pressure each time you get fuel.